How to check if your IP Address is Dirty or in the SPAM List

As you all know IP Address plays a very important role in communication with the trusted parties on the internet. If you know someones IP Address, then you can use them to created nuisance activities, which is illegal. But most of us work on dynamic IP Addresses by using our broadband connections and IT mangers use static IP Address in companies. Also there are times when we use our homes to configure our servers and use the IP Addresses provided by ISP (Internet Service providers).

This is where credibility of IP Address is needed. If your IP Address is dirty or in the spam list then your server will not be able to communicate with the trusted parties in the outer world. So to check you IP Address, there are 2 ways:


  • To check your IP Address, go to mxtoolbox and enter your IP Address
  • Click on Blacklist Check, to check you IP address


  • Using your IP Address on the machine, search on google.
google captcha
  • If Google ask for captcha, then your IP Address is dirty

How to remove IP Address from BlackList

  • When you will search on the mxtoolbox, you will get the list of resources where your IP Address is blacklisted.
Blacklist IP
  • Now some resources blacklist the IP Address for certain time and some resources till the time you request them or fill their form.
  • You will have to fill in the form to remove from the blacklist for individual resources LISTED above.
  • Like to remove from BARRACUDA, you will have to fill in the form to remove it from blacklist.
Blacklist IP removal form
  • It might take hours or some days to clear your IP Address.


If you are communicating with the trusted parties on the internet or you are IT manager taking care of your network. Then you will have to take care of the IP Addresses assigned to you.

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