YouTube Rolls Out ‘Video Chapters’ Feature For Android, iOS And Desktop

YouTube has rolled out a brand new Video Chapters feature on the platform so that the viewers can easily get to the part of the video they want to watch. This new YouTube feature will allow the users to access timestamps used by a creator in a video to navigate to a specific part of the video.

The YouTube video chapters feature was in its testing stage back in April 2020 and now it has been rolled out for Android, iOS, and desktop versions of YouTube. As of now, the feature is being used by a limited number of creators. You will not spot the feature on all YouTube videos as it depends upon the creator whether they want to use the feature or not in their YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Chapter feature

The video chapters feature will add a line of titles and timestamps when a creator adds chapter information in the video description. As mentioned by TechCrunch, creators have to add at least three timestamps of more than 10 seconds in length if they want to use the Video Chapter feature.


However, this YouTube feature has some limitations that can bother the creators. Using this feature can reduce the watch time of the videos because it will give the user the liberty to exactly jump on the sequence they want and will reduce the watch time of the videos.

This will discourage those creators to ditch the feature who monetize their content on the platform.

Nonetheless, from a user’s perspective, this is a much-needed feature, especially for long videos.

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