Windows 10X – What Should You Know About It?

Microsoft is the leading name in the PC game. When it comes to tabs and detachables, however, they don’t match up to other brands. Well, Windows 10X just might change that.

Just last year, Microsoft released the Surface Duo and Neo. The Neo came with two displays. However, this wasn’t the only good thing about it. Microsoft’s brand new OS, the Windows 10X powered it.

If you’ve been following news about the company, you’d know that they’ve been working on it for a while. Unfortunately, it’s been in development for so long due to its challenging nature. The constant change in leadership throughout the process didn’t get the job done quickly either.

Before now, the last we heard about the OS was in May. Windows enthusiasts found out that it would be available for tabs and laptops. More importantly, information about whether it would support Win32 was leaked. Sadly, it won’t be. But the system would support the applications when using cloud and as enterprise solutions.

The system will hit the markets soon. There are no official statements about a release date yet. Sources say it would be available by March or April of next year, though.

RTM releases are system versions sent to manufacturers for tests. Although Windows 10X is set to be released by spring 2021, the RTM would be available by December this year. There’s no specific due date for this either.

The Covid-19 pandemic has catalyzed the push for it. This is because it would be able to power tabs and laptops. With many people working from home, the need for this has skyrocketed. In the third quarter of 2020 alone, tabs sales were higher than before. The IDC reports that global sales grew by 24.9%.

From the top names, Apple reigned supreme. They were responsible for nearly 30% of the 47.6 million units sold. What’s alarming is that Microsoft was not on the Top 5 list. The last 2 spots were taken by Chinese brands. Huawei was fourth while Lenovo came in 5th. They also had one of the biggest year-over-year growths, with 32.9% and 62.4% respectively.

Windows 10X would give the company an edge against its Chinese counterparts. Their price along with hardware makes them tempting to uders. The Huawei MatePad Pro is popular because of this. It comes with the powerful Kirin 990 chip, Android 10, and a large screen. These specs not only make it an all-around beast but probably the best Chinese tablet around.

Before the pandemic, Microsoft was prompted to release the system due to competition with the Chrome and iPadOS.

In the PC department, Chromebooks annihilated Microsoft sales. Canalys’ analysis of 2020’s Q3 data shows that Chromebooks saw a 122% increase in sales. Meanwhile, Windows-powered detachables only grew by 88%. Compared to Microsoft, Google’s OS is more stylish. This is something they’re trying to change with their new system.

Windows 10X will be abandoning legacy components, using more modern versions. This will allow it to be snappier and look better. It would also be able to receive updates in the background.

Most importantly, this move will make the system more secure, as the OS is targeting businesses.

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