TOP 10 BEST Portable Photo Printers of 2019

Why should one
spend money on printing pictures when it can be done without any? Yes you can
get hd quality pictures printed by these top 10 best portable photo printers of

Sort you life and
decorate you room with all your best pictures you got shot. Go on photo shoots,
print the pictures and attach them to your room’s wall to make your room look
like your dream room.

Also do you or your family members get projects to do? Projects require high quality pictures and printing them has been made so much easier by these top 10 best portable photo printers which you can carry around where ever you want.

TOP 10 BEST Portable Photo Printers

Here are they:

HP sprocket 2nd edition

HP sprocket
2nd edition is one of the best portable printers that one can buy
from his/her money.

This printer
lets you print small sized photos that you can easily make a scrap book out of. It
prints the pictures of size 2.3
x 3.4 inches.

What do you
think is the size of the printer? You can’t even imagine. It can fit into your
pocket which makes it stand out from the rest of the printers.

You can
carry it around if there’s an event or while you are travelling on a flight or train. Go on clicking pictures
and printing it as per requirement.

You just need to download the hp sprocket app from the Google play store and then pair your phone with the printer to get started.

Canon selphy CP1300

This is said
to be the most versatile printer as per the reviews given by most of the

This printer
prints images which are around 7.1 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches
and weighing less than two pounds.

Its battery allows you
about 54 images and also lets you carry an extra battery with you. It has an
amazing size which lets you carry it almost everywhere you go.

You can directly print
on the sticker paper and it allows you to
print the picture in so many different sizes.

CP1300 utilizes thermal
dye-sublimation, which make the picture you print last up to 100’s of years.

Polaroid zip mobile printer

The name of
this printer explains it all. It is zip mobile printer which is damn easy to
carry and lets you print so many amazing pictures.

You just
need to use your Bluetooth option to get going and print from this printer.
When you purchase it, you’ll be able to download it’s app for free.

It can create stickers as well as normal high quality pictures for you which are smudge proof and are about 2/3 inches. This is a printer which weighs only 6.6 ounces.

Fujifilm INSTAX share SP-2 (smart phone printer)

It is one of the best printers which are well known for
printing instant photo crowd. It prints great quality pictures with pixels of
600*800 dots and a print resolution of 320dpi.

This printer also proves to be one of the fastest
printers as it prints in 10 seconds from the phone memory to a physical photo

It catches every details and you don’t miss upon any
detail. It uses the free huji share app which can be downloaded and used.

Kodak mini 2

It was very famous in the years 2016 and the producers
have imporved it over these 3 years in terms of size.

The quality it gave then was amazing and so it now. Its
size has now been reduced to a compact size so that you can easily carry it all
around the places.

It does not require any wires and just needs to be
connected to its app which you can download it from the play store.

Both black and white and colored pictures are printed through this app.

Pickit M2 portable photo printer

This amazing printer weighs only 8.8 ounces and prints
high quality pictures directly from your smart phone through wifi.

It has a free app on play store which just needs to be
downloaded and you’re ready to use this amazing portable printer.

This printer uses a secret technology named dye sublimation technology that uses 4
layers of ink to get you a picture with amazing color and contrast.

The pictures that are printed are water proof, finger print proof and smudge proof.

HP Sprocket portable photo printer

This is the first
version of HP portable printer which was produced. It uses simple Bluetooth
connectivity to print amazing quality pictures.

It also allows you to
add frame, borders, text, emoji and a lot more other things before you print
your picture. Some of these things make your picture look better and add fun to

Its easy blue tooth
connectivity system lets you carry it in the parties and various events so that
not only you but others can also connect their devices to this printer and
print their happy moments.

It is highly recommended to buy this printers because of so many advantages mentioned above.

Polaroid mint

This is a portable mini
printer which prints pictures from iOs as well as android phones. One needs to
download the Polaroid mint app to edit and print pictures.

It has a powerful
rechargeable battery which allows one to print about 50 pictures to be printed
in just one charge.

The same brand has
another printer named Polaroid zip which has the same features but is a little
smaller. It is slightly cheaper than the Polaroid mint.

Due to its price and size, it can print only half the pictures and that is 25 pictures in one charge where as Polaroid mint can print 50 pictures in one go.

SereneLife e Instant Portable Mobile Photo Printer

This amazing portable photo printer prints pictures
from mobile phone of apple iphone namely 4s 5 6 7 and 8. It not only prints
pictures from iphone but also supports android smart phones.

This is a wireless portable printer which works with
the wifi connectivity. Easy to connect and get going with the printing right?

It is a compact printer which can easily fit into your
pockets of pants or denim jeans or you can carry in your purses along with
where ever you go.

This prints 2*3.5 inches of pictures
which are high quality. The charging life is also good as it prints about 25
pictures in just one charge which are 291dip.

Photobee portable wifi photo printer

This amazing photo printer app supports  ApplSe iO and Android devices and prints in .28 x 3.50 inches of pictures.

quality of pictures is amazing as you can notice almost every detail and it
does not lets you miss any of it.

works on wifi connectivity and is lightweight which makes it easy to carry
around to several places especially while travelling.

also has an amazing battery life which make it more comfortable for the user to
carry it where ever he/she wants to.

these were the top 10 best portable photo printers that you must buy because of
all the advantages that are listed above.

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