Generate HQ Combo lists with Pastebin Grabber

Kidux Pastebin Grabber allows one to easily obtain and create combo lists for cracking any account.

Generate Fresh HQ Combo lists


  • Various Parsing Format ( email:pass , user:pass , emails , urls & proxies )
  • Time Period to Grab from ( last hour, day or week etc )
  • Search Engine selector between Google and DuckDuckGo
  • Can be used for any website such as netflix, spotify, hulu, pornhub, fortnite, steam etc

The developer (Cyb3rnux) has stated that google can block you after a period so by using a VPN this should easily bypass the temp ban.

Grab the VPN hackers use for full anonymity and security here

Google has better results, yet it can block you and you’ll need to wait 24h until you use software again. DuckDuckGo has a little bit less results, but can be used unlimited times.

Kidux Pastebin Grabber Tutorial

Download Pastebin grabber

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