EAPHammer – Toolkit for Performing Targeted Evil Twin Attacks

It is designed to be used in full scope wireless assessments and red team engagements. As such, focus is placed on providing an easy-to-use interface that can be leveraged to execute powerful wireless attacks with minimal manual configuration.

To illustrate how fast this tool is, here’s an example of how to setup and execute a credential stealing evil twin attack against a WPA2-TTLS network in just two commands:

# generate certificates
./eaphammer --cert-wizard

# launch attack
./eaphammer -i wlan0 --channel 4 --auth ttls --wpa 2 --essid CorpWifi --creds

Leverages a lightly modified version of hostapd-wpe (shoutout to Brad Anton for creating the original), dnsmasq, Responder, and Python 2.7.


  • Steal RADIUS credentials from WPA-EAP and WPA2-EAP networks.
  • Perform hostile portal attacks to steal AD creds and perform indirect wireless pivots
  • Perform captive portal attacks
  • Built-in Responder integration
  • Support for Open networks and WPA-EAP/WPA2-EAP
  • No manual configuration necessary for most attacks.
  • No manual configuration necessary for installation and setup process
  • Leverages latest version of hostapd (2.6)
  • Support for evil twin and karma attacks
  • Generate timed Powershell payloads for indirect wireless pivots
  • Integrated HTTP server for Hostile Portal attacks
  • Support for SSID cloaking

Upcoming Features

  • Perform seemeless MITM attacks with partial HSTS bypasses
  • Support attacks against WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • directed rogue AP attacks (deauth then evil twin from PNL, deauth then karma + ACL)
  • Integrated website cloner for cloning captive portal login pages
  • Integrated HTTP server for captive portals

Kali Setup Instructions

Begin by cloning the eaphammer repo using the following command.

git clone https://github.com/s0lst1c3/eaphammer.git

Next run the kali-setup file as shown below to complete the eaphammer setup process. This will install dependencies and compile hostapd.


Tutorial on EAPHAMMER


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