Learn to Code Ethereum DApps By Building Your Own Game

CryptoZombies is an interactive code school that teaches you to write smart contracts in Solidity through building your own crypto-collectables game.

What is CryptoZombies?

CryptoZombies is a free, interactive code school that teaches you to build games on Ethereum.

The course is designed for beginners to Solidity and starts off with the absolute basics. So if you’ve never coded with Solidity before, don’t worry — we’ll walk you through step by step.

Interactive Coding Lessons

In-browser step-by-step lessons take you from the very basics of Solidity to creating your own fully-functional blockchain-based game. Even by the end of Lesson 1 (which can be completed in one sitting), you’ll know enough to officially call yourself a Solidity developer!

Who Made CryptoZombies and Why Is It Free?

CryptoZombies was made by the team at Loom Network. We’re building a platform for running large-scale applications on Ethereum sidechains.

We think blockchains are capable of a lot more than just payments, and we want to get more developers thinking outside the box and trying to build large-scale DApps. Games are one of the areas where we think blockchain will really revolutionize things. So we built CryptoZombies to help educate and inspire the next generation of blockchain game devs.

Aside from CryptoZombies, we’re working on some really cool projects. If you’d like to follow us, get in touch for a project, or just say hi, you can find us on Twitter and our Telegram chat, or email us at [email protected].


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